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HR Snapshot - Should We Screen Social Media Accounts During the Hiring Process?
Question: What do you advise regarding screening social media accounts during the hiring process? Answer from Emily, PHR:   We strongly recommend against revi[Read on...]
HR Snapshot - Can I Classify a Worker as an Independent Contractor?
Question: We want to hire an administrative assistant. Can we classify this person as an independent contractor during a 90-day try-out period and then, if they work out, hire them as a ful[Read on...]
HR Snapshot - Do We Have to Pay an Employee Who Drove to a Cancelled Meeting?
Question: A non-exempt employee, forgetting that a meeting offsite had been cancelled, clocked in at the office and then drove to the meeting. He was halfway to the location before he remem[Read on...]
HR Snapshot - One of our employees refuses to sign the handbook. What should we do with her?
Question: One of our employees refuses to sign the handbook. What should we do with her?  Answer from Kara, JD, SPHR:   First things first, talk to [Read on...]
HR Snapshot - Should We Inform Employees About a Coworker's Infectious Disease?
Question: One of our employees has chicken pox. Is it okay to tell our other employees about this condition? Answer from Eric, SPHR, SHRM-SCP:   I recom[Read on...]


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