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HR Snapshot - When Managers Talk Politics in the Workplace
Question: Some managers have been continually talking about politics in the office, not taking into consideration anyone else's political backgrounds and beliefs. It gets offensive at times[Read on...]
HR Snapshot - What Are the Costs of Misclassification?
Question: We have an employee claiming they shouldn't be classified as exempt from overtime. If it turns out they're right, what are the penalties for misclassification? [Read on...]
HR Snapshot - Can We Terminate an Employee Who Doesn't Fit With Our Culture?
Question: We want to terminate an employee who doesn’t fit with our culture. Can we do this? Do you foresee any issues? Answer from Kyle, PHR:   First thi[Read on...]
HR Snapshot - Can We Require Exempt Employees to Clock In and Out?
Question: Can we require exempt employees to clock in and out? Answer from Aimee, GPHR, SHRM-SCP:   While it doesn’t violate the FLSA to have an exempt employ[Read on...]
HR Snapshot - What Is the Technical Definition of an Employee's Termination Date?
Question: What is the technical or otherwise common definition of an employee's termination date? Is it the date the on which the termination occurs or the last date the employee performed [Read on...]


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