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HR Snapshot - When a Job Candidate Mentions Having a Disability
Question: One of our employees interviewed a candidate today and emailed me afterwards. He was impressed by the candidate, but grew concerned after the candidate mentioned having social anx[Read on...]
HR Snapshot - What Are the Rules for Unpaid Interns?
Question: We’ve been approached by some local college students who are volunteering to be unpaid interns. Can we bring them on without paying them? Answer from Sarah, P[Read on...]
HR Snapshot - Terminating an Employee Before Their Notice Period Ends
Question: If an employee puts in their notice, can we let them go that day instead of keeping them for the full notice period? Answer from Celine, SHRM-CP:   [Read on...]
HR Snapshot - How Do We Calculate Whether We’re Covered Under FMLA?
Question: How do we calculate whether we’re covered under FMLA? Answer from Margaret, PHR, SHRM-CP:   To be covered under FMLA, private sector employers need [Read on...]
HR Snapshot - Investigating Employee Theft
Question: We have good reason to suspect an employee has been stealing from the register. How should we respond? Answer from Angela, PHR:   I would recommend [Read on...]


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