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Simplify Your Business with Howard Leasing. As your partner, we are here to effectively manage tax compliance, benefits, payroll, workers’ comp, and HR challenges allowing you to focus on productivity, core business issues, and profitability.

"It’s Not About Doing Different Things, It Is About Doing Things Differently"

~ Howard Leasing ~

Why Choose Howard Leasing?
  • Human Resource Services for businesses of all sizes, customized to suit YOUR needs!
  • Employee Benefits that allow even the smallest of companies to attract and retain quality employees!
  • A Payroll Department with highly trained payroll specialists to help you process every payroll with ease!
  • Workers Compensation and a Risk Management Department that works with YOU!
  • Insurance Options for your BUSINESS, GROUP BENEFITS & PERSONAL LINES.
  • Many other benefits that meet the needs of our diverse business environments.
  • Important News & Updates.
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