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Brian Deckard

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Workers’ Comp Non-Renewal, What to do?

Workers’ Comp Non-Renewal

It’s always such a relief to get your company’s workers’ compensation policy squared away. You’ve worked with your PEO or agent to make sure all of your employees’ class codes are accurately reported, and you’ve established a consistent payment schedule that keeps your policy up-to-date. You may have even had this routine down pat for …

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Traditional Workers' Comp Vs. Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation

Traditional vs. PayGo Workers’ Comp

In our previous post, we outlined the importance of reporting accurate, transparent employee class codes to your insurance provider or PEO for the calculation of your company’s workers’ compensation policy. Here, we’re taking a step back to explore your options regarding how and when these details are reported, which in turn affects how and when …

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Howard Leasing Workers' Compensation Help and Services

Workers’ Compensation Class Codes

Workers’ compensation coverage is a vital tool that provides payments to employees who are injured on the job while also protecting your business from litigation.  When you secure workers’ compensation insurance for your company and its employees, you’re asked to assign a code to each position you employ. That code, in part, determines the compensation rate …

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Howard Leasing can help with your W-2's

W2 Deadline: Jan. 31

Attention Employers   Wage reports (typically in W2 form) for 2018 must be filed by Jan. 31, 2019. You must file a W2 for every employee whom you paid more than $600 last year. (Even if your company has gone out of business—our condolences—you’re still responsible for providing a W2 to your former employees.)  A W2, …

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Looking for blue collar workers in America and Florida

The Search for Blue Collar Workers

America has a longstanding reputation built around hardworking men and women in blue collar jobs. Industries like construction, farming, manufacturing, maintenance, transportation and related services are part of the country’s identity, and those industries continue today to provide a wealth of job opportunities. The problem is, right now there aren’t enough blue collar workers to …

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Heat Illness Prevention

Excessive heat exposure on the job site is unsafe. Heat related illness not only makes you feel terrible, it can also harm your health, hurt job performance, increase injury potential and even cause death. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include: nausea, fatigue, headaches, wet clammy skin