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HR Snapshot

Addressing Poor Workplace Behavior

When it comes to managerial nightmares, from massive marketplace disruption to natural disasters, the scariest task for many managers is dealing with problematic employee behavior. Big issues call for big solutions, but workplace behavior that is merely “detrimental” or “disruptive” can be exceedingly difficult to resolve. Behavior is a nuanced issue that often calls for …

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When Employees Sue: The Value of EPLI Protection

Savvy businesspeople know: Business is risk. And on top of the investment risks you take in developing and marketing goods and services, there are also risks associated with hiring a workforce. American workers have a well-established set of rights, and one of their biggest tools for securing those rights is litigation. On the one hand, an …

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The I-9 Guide for Employers

“Are you authorized to work in the United States?” It’s a standard question on job applications, and one that most people will tick “yes” without thinking and move on. But employers are responsible for hiring legally eligible workers, and so the onus is on the company to verify that their staff meets the requirements. That’s where …

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W-4 and Payroll Tax Changes

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was signed in December of 2017, applies to the 2018 tax year. These changes include tax bracket adjustments, the elimination of individual health insurance mandates, increases to supplemental tax rates, and paid family leave incentives. As a business owner and employer, you’re responsible for paying federal unemployment tax …

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How PEOs Protect Your Company from Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has long been an infamous problem in workplaces. In past decades it may have been overlooked or taken as a given, but today, inappropriate workplace behavior is on everyone’s minds. Thankfully, that awareness means that workplace environments and company cultures have improved vastly overall.  Still, you always run the risk that one employee, either …

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How to choose a great PEO partner for HR, Payroll, and Workers' Comp providers

How to Choose a PEO

By now you know the advantages of partnering your company with a PEO: Consolidating vendor relationships keeps your costs predictable and your administration streamlined. When you have the right PEO handling your payroll, workers’ comp, health insurance, 401K and/or other administrative tasks, you and your employees can focus on your core competencies. What’s important to …

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HR Snapshot – When a Job Candidate Mentions Having a Disability

Question: One of our employees interviewed a candidate today and emailed me afterwards. He was impressed by the candidate, but grew concerned after the candidate mentioned having social anxiety. He wondered whether the anxiety could affect the candidate’s ability to do the job. I reminded the employee that we’re an Equal Opportunity Employer and we …

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HR Snapshot – What Are the Rules for Unpaid Interns?

Question: We’ve been approached by some local college students who are volunteering to be unpaid interns. Can we bring them on without paying them? Answer from Sarah, PHR, SHRM-CP:   According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are certain requirements that must be met when taking on unpaid interns. These requirements are intended to …

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